Universelite Co., Ltd.  Copyright  ADD:Kuaiji Cun Industrial Zone, Pingshui Town, Shaoxing County,Zhejiang Province, China

24-hour national service hotline


Specializing in the production of lighting light

technology companies

Universelite Co., Ltd.


Leading the development of the lighting industry, creating energy-saving and environmental friendly, healthy and comfortable life


Customer concept: honesty and trustworthiness, customers moved, and common development
Product Concept: Quality First, Continued Innovation, Continuous Innovation, Pursuit of Excellence
Talent concept: both ability and morality, meritocracy, love and respect, diligent and studious; teamwork, willing to sacrifice




Beautiful world, good lighting


Yuguang Lighting continues to provide users and distributors with efficient, safe and environmentally-friendly lighting products, providing customers with timely, professional, and thoughtful services based on value-added and good feelings.



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